24/7 Accounts do out weekly payroll, process purchase Invoices, make supplier payments, VAT and payroll returns on our behalf since 2015, and we highly recommend their efficient and fast service.

Restaurant & Bar


We have outsourced our entire accounting function, including weekly payroll, to 24/7 Accounts since 2011 and are extremely delighted with the service they offer. 24/7 Accounts also do our Corporation Tax return every year. We no longer have to worry about the headache of VAT calculations, bank reconciliations or payroll returns which frees up our time to grow the business.


South East Region

We contract our weekly payroll processing to 24/7 accounts and are delighted that they have taken the hassle out of payroll and streamlined the process for us.

Sole Trader


24/7 accounts keeps my bookkeeping and VAT returns up to date and they also do my Income Tax returns. I am delighted that 24/7 accounts returns my calls and answers all queries promptly.

UK Company

We outsource the accounting function of our Irish Branch to 24/7 Accounts including filing company returns with CRO and are impressed with the knowledge and experience of the team.

Pharmaceutical Company


24/7 Account provides us with a payroll bureau service. We decided to outsource our payroll to 24/7 accounts due to the confidentiality of the service and the knowledge and experience of the 24/7 accounts team.

Publishing Company - Dublin

24/7 accounts do my Corporation Tax and VAT Returns. We are delighted with the efficient service offered.